Feb 042012

The start every great change is to change the way you think.
And our great change is the change from our current consciousness to a full consciousness.  It is through this raise of awareness and consciousness that we can become in tune with our unique abilities like telekinesis, telepathy, extrasensory perception etc.
To start we need to […]

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Dec 222011
Chi Energy Overview

How many of us are aware of the energy flowing through our body, and what it actually feels like? Or even what this energy is.
There are a lot of people these days who are starting to realise and come back to the old ways of learning about Chi Energy, and this number is increasing every […]

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Dec 202011

How to Do Telekinesis
In this article I will discuss just how to go about doing telekinesis and how one would train to get better.
Fist I will start with discussing what exactly is telekinesis. Well it is mostly defined as being able to move an object with the mind and the mind only. This may sound […]